Coaching Helps You Create the Life You Want

Have you tried to change and found that at first you are successful, but the change doesn’t endure and over time it fades – soon you find yourself back at the status quo and you are the way you were? 

        • Are you struggling with too much unwanted stress at work or at home?
        • Do you yearn for happier relationships?
        • Do you sometimes get stopped by your limiting beliefs and doubts? 

Maybe you believe you can change if you really want to change, and that you just have to work harder at it. It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

The tendency to slip back is the single biggest obstacle to long-lasting change, even if you’re ready for change and believe you can change. 

Getting Unstuck

Coaching can help you get unstuck and overcome the predictable obstacles you’ll encounter when trying to change your life and make it better. Everybody faces obstacles and resistance because it’s part of our make-up as humans.

Many people think there is something wrong with them because they can’t get unstuck and make long-lasting changes in their life. There is nothing wrong with you here. It’s the way it works. Making change endure is hard, but it can be done.

Coaching can help you:

        • Keep motivated when your motivation sags and your doubts creep in.
        • Stay focused when your attention wanders and your interest turns to something new.
        • Not get distracted by some shiny new marketing promotion that says you can get what you want without making any effort.
        • Stay motivated and focused long enough so your change sticks and you get what you want.

Coaching can help you get clear about your priorities and what you want to change. You may know this already, and simply need a bit of help making it happen.

Coaching can help you make the change you want, and also make it stay with you and not fade away. It becomes part of you, like your arm or your leg is part of you. When this happens the change is no longer something new or added to your life, it’s who you are.

You have now become a new and improved version of you.