Tom French

​Thanks for your interest in my work.

Whether you want to improve your life at work or at home, reduce stress so you can be more productive, or get unstuck and finally create the fulfilling life that you truly want, I would love to the opportunity to speak with you.

​My work is always customized and focused on the specific issues and challenges you face. We work together and collaborate so you feel valued, supported, appreciated – and motivated to do the hard work of changing old habits and forming new ones.

​Why do I do this work? I want freedom for you, because you’re here to make a unique contribution in your own way, to get out there and do something that inspires you and makes a difference.

​Two of the biggest reasons so many people struggle with change are:

> They’re stuck inside of their own limiting beliefs.

> They don’t have the necessary support and reinforcement to make change endure.

What I know for sure is that I can help you with both.

​After a very successful 25 year corporate career in sales and leadership training, I moved my focus into life coaching.

​Here is a bit about my background:

> ICF Certified Professional Coach, certified through the industry leading “Coaching for Transformation” coach certification program, created and taught by Richard Michaels.

> Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy, NLP Coach and NLP Trainer​, certified by the internationally renowned Tad James.

> Consulting Hypnotist, certified by Carol Denicker at The New York Hypnosis Training Center.

> Graduate of several Landmark programs including Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Self Expression Leadership, and the Communication Curriculum.>

> One Light Healing Touch (OLHT) Energy Healing & Mystery School, masters level graduate and certified practitioner. 

​I love what I do. For a conversation with me to see if this approach is for you please contact me.

(I am also a Wedding Photographer – you can get information at Tom French Photography.