Tom French is really great at all that he does. He has a wonderful way of listening and asking questions that make you think and helps to pinpoint exactly what is important. When working with Tom I always feel that he truly cares and understands.  -JR

After completing Tom’s 5 week weight loss hypnosis program, I have to say I feel incredibly different. Food no longer matters to me. I automatically make the right choices and have lost my cravings. I have never felt this way before. Working with Tom has been an amazing experience. He has a gentle way of making me feel good about myself, pushes me to delve deeper and always asks the right questions. Ten pounds lighter and much “lighter” in spirit! Thank you Tom! -Jamie​

I am struck with how Tom combines his training as a certified Life Coach and NLP Trainer with his skill in Hypnosis. What a powerful combination!  My session was delightfully impactful: I began reaping the rewards immediately. Thank-you Tom. You’re Terrific! -AHR

My limiting beliefs have disappeared and I have finally, after years of negativity and self-doubt, stepped boldly into my new life. -Jane V

I came to Tom with limiting beliefs about my ability to progress my life. I kept hitting a brick wall. Since working with Tom, my limiting beliefs have just vanished and my life and business have progressed to a level which I am very pleased. To be perfectly honest this is all due to Tom’s expertise and the way he delivered a personal Breakthrough session with me. And for that I will always be indebted to Tom. -Sean M