What is a Session Like?

Here is a brief summary of what a Hypnosis session is like, so that you get some idea of what happens and you know it’s very safe. 

Initial Interview

On your first appointment, you’ll bring intake forms with you that I’ve emailed to you. We’ll have a discussion about your situation and general life-style, as well as details about the issue or problem – when it started, when it is worse or better, how it affects you, how would you like it to be.

We’ll also explore your level of motivation for change. For lasting change to take place your decision to use hypnosis must be self-directed. You need to be committed to this process.

If you are seeing a consulting hypnotist for the first time, you probably don’t know what to expect. You might even some misconceptions. For instance, you may feel as though your body is asleep but that your mind is aware and so you may question whether you’ve been hypnotized. (You can read about frequently asked questions here.) 

I will explain how hypnosis is an interactive, cooperative experience, and that we build the hypnotic experience together. (To a degree, all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis.) In your first session, I’ll determine what type of induction will be best for you and what approach will be appropriate for you. We’ll establish trust, build rapport, build your sense of positive expectation, and address any misconceptions you have. Each subsequent session begins with a short interview to determine your progress and current goals.

Together, we’ll identify goals for you that are positive, realistic, believable and achievable. For instance, rather than “I don’t want to be nervous in front of my boss” for your goal, we might re-phrase the goal to, “I am calm and confident in front of my boss.”

The Hypnotic Induction

There are many types of hypnotic inductions. Over several sessions, inductions can become more rapid because positive expectation and post hypnotic suggestions for trance have been established. However, depending on your needs, inductions can initially last from 10-20 minutes and might incorporate several induction processes. 

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

All sessions include post-hypnotic suggestions to anchor desired change. These suggestions are a rapid yet long lasting way for a you to re-frame negative old beliefs and patterns of behavior into new and positive beliefs and behaviors that result in your success.

A post hypnotic suggestion empowers you by accessing your inner resources without the continued need for the hypnotist. The post-hypnotic suggestions are anchored/programmed.

Mental rehearsal checks the efficacy of the post-hypnotic suggestions. You’ll know success has been achieved if you are able to imagine yourself in a situation that previously triggered undesirable responses and you are now able to invoke the newly anchored positive response.

Emerging From Hypnosis

After “emerging” suggestions are given, you will emerge, remember your session, and feel confident and relaxed from the hypnotic experience.

Why can Hypnosis do?

Hypnosis offers a very effective way to reduce or eliminate high levels of bad stress.